Customized Drilling

Our automated Drill Line, the Ocean Avenger by Peddinghaus, has the capability of boring uniform holes into customized section sizes ranging from 3” to 40”.  This eliminates the costly layout and center punching of holes associated with the conventional Mag Drill process.

The holes can be 1/4” to 1-1/2” in diameter and can reside in the web or the flanges of most structural sections. They can be placed at a guaranteed tolerance of plus or minus 1/16".

All material must be pre-cut to a single-pass length range of 1' to 40’. For longer lengths, please inquire.

Details by section size:

  • Wide flange or S-beams; 3” through 40”
    • Hole placement: Web and flanges
  • Channels (all sections):
    • Hole placement: Web and legs
  • Angles; 3” through 8” (all thicknesses)
    • Hole placement: Both legs
  • Tubes; 3” and up (all thicknesses)
    • Hole placement: All sides
  • For flat bar and plate, please inquire.

Additionally, Frederick Steel has a PDL 36 portable drill line that also can be used to process precision holes in beams, channel, plate and tubing. 



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